Jason Brown

Photographer & Writer

The Spring cometh...

It's a beautiful day here in Central Europe.  Spring cleaning and organizing are on the agenda, as is the year's first run in the next week or so.

Artistically,  my new writing project, a one-act theater play entitled "Stranded" is moving along nicely.  I haven't been in a groove of productivity per se, but it's good to know that I can still get the creative juices flowing.  It's about 20 pages long so far and a dynamic between the characters has been established. I am looking for a reader or two, if someone would like to provide some insight and feedback. I have no experience writing plays and so it's been a bit of an adjustment not being able to use character thoughts and descriptions and relying almost solely on dialogue.

I've started to give some thought about my next photo exhbition. I may end up doing it at a cafe where I've done an exhibition before (Jos Fritz, Art Cafe, ?) but I would prefer to try a new place . It feels good to challenge myself from time to time but simultaneously I love being lazy and enjoying time as a human chillin and not always a human being.

The Naples trip last month provided me a chance to take about 200 shots. I have chosen about 5-10 that may be used in a new exhibition. I will be in Cologne in two weeks although that is to see a concert and not for photography but who knows, maybe I will bring the Nikon along.

Just wanted to give y'all an update, check out the photos and let me know which ones you like!

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