Jason Brown

Photographer & Writer


howdy y'all,

I'm just back from a short trip to Cologne, Germany to see a concert, a Belgian singer named Selah Sue, it was a great time and now Spring has started, the eclipse is over and we can start to focus on the business of the flowers blooming and other assorted positive associations, can't wait!

I've had this webpage for a little more than a year as a means for people to purchase my art and familiarize themselves with various projects I'm undertaking. The last year has not been a particularly productive one for me but sometimes life gets in the way, and that's ok.

I'm planning on changing this website in the future to one where the photos can just be viewed so don't be surprised by that. You can simply write me an email with the image you had in mind and I can get it printed and shipped to you within a week. These photos are fairly priced and great art for people's homes, vivid images with a touch of rustic. 

My parents are coming to visit in about 6 weeks and that is a good time for me to prepare some things in my life, work and personal related before suddenly it's May and my parents are here and it's gone, and then suddenly it's June and two months later I'm off to California for all of August. Before you know it, it's October and you are pulling winter clothes out of boxes. How can we beat the onslaught of time? Probably not on the sofa like me now... cést la vie, right?

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