Jason Brown

Photographer & Writer


The whole world seems to just slow down this time of year.  People are bundled up, shoulders hunched together, looking down, everyone looking forward to a hot drink wherever they go next. It's harder to get out of bed, to go out of the shower, to go out at  night. And often it's because of those very factors that when you do get out of bed, and you do go out, you get more bang for the buck because everyone else who went out that night wasn't gonna let a little thing like cold weather stop them from having a good time!

I had a photo shoot in November and I was attempting to make a timeless picture, one that could be from any of the last 4 decades.  I was going  a rock band's album cover.


And that is the thought I wanted to finish with.  We can embrace modern technology and lifestyles while still keeping a classic and timeless facade to our lives. After awhile it won't even be a facade. It will be you.

Get out there and live your lives, no matter what the weather!

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