Jason Brown

Photographer & Writer

Where have you been for 5 months?

hey everyone, sorry for my absence, I've been living my life the past 5 months (more like past 15 years) and have neglected the website. I was in Iceland, Weimar (Germany), California and Amsterdam since we last spoke and I have missed you. I also turned 40  in May, visited my 61st country (Iceland) in June, had a new motivational workshop in July, spent all of August in California and just two weeks ago was in Amsterdam. Now I am here in Freiburg the next 2.5 months before Xmas and wanted to get this website up and running again.

So, first and foremost, there is a new motivational workshop coming next month here in Freiburg, on October 18th.


If you're around and want to make more out of your life, come on out and make a difference in your life!

I will also be putting some new photos up soon and also this Fall getting my fourth novel, "The Newropean" up on iTunes so be on the lookout for that.

Ok, I just wanted to give this website some CPR to get it back on life support.  Hope you enjoy the heartbeat!

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