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1/4 is over, now what?

Ladies and gentlemen, 2014 is now 1/4 over and now what? What are you doing with your lives?

2014 has started off fairly typically for me, with trips to Berlin and Marrakesh so, a photo exhibition from Asia and the publishing of another novel of mine, Schwarzfahren, soon to be available on iTunes but it can be purchased as an e-book at the following link:


In 10 days I'm off to Boston and NYC for a week for some family time and to see some old friends, maybe I will see you there.

But what about the rest of the year? It's 25% over and the next 3/4 is going to fly by as well.

For me, I've got another novel, The Newropean, that I can edit this spring and publish this summer. I also intend to do a small exhibition of photo from Marrakesh.  With a month in California in August, I may plan to do an exhibition there as well in order to raise some money for breast cancer awareness. I have a new workshop planned for October and then before we know it, it will 2015!

Oh yeah, I'm turning 40 next month, although that hasn't really been affecting me lately like I thought it would.  Maybe my nice little life is enough to keep me from having tooooo much of a mid-life crisis.  We'll see, right?

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