Jason Brown

Photographer & Writer

Big Apple'd

Well, I survived the week in Beantown and the Big Apple.  I didn't take any photographs but did get some ideas while there.  The current photo exhibition at Cafe Lalemey in Freiburg, Germany is still ongoing and I would encourage you to go and check them out before they get sold and are lost to the world.  Well, I may be dramatizing the situation but it's good to create some drama from time to time, right?

I've got 6 weeks until my next trip (a week in Iceland) and in that time I've got lots to do, including preparing to turn 40.  I'm throwing myself a party, and I want to get my fourth book edited, this one a novel based on the life of a certain English teacher I know well ( ahem) .  It's called The Newropean. My third novel, Schwarzfahren, is now available on iTunes so go check it out.  Here's the link if you're lazy.


Happy reading and see ya this Spring!

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