Jason Brown

Photographer & Writer

Marrakesh Express Outta There!

Well, Marrakesh, if that was our first date, chances of us going out again ain't that good! 96 hours in the city, dealing with aggressive and easily angered shop keepers, pushy people on the streets, crazy traffic and chaos, poverty and beggars everywhere the eye could see. I was able to shoot 200 photos on the trip so all was not lost.  I went there so you don't need to.  A new exhibition will most likely be planned for early summer but first we gotta get ready for the exhibition coming up, "Asian Spring" on March 21:


Free drinks, interesting people, beautiful images printed on canvas, showing you some nooks and crannies of faraway exotic places.  Why wouldn't you be there?  Ok, maybe you don't live in Europe, but even still, that's not a great excuse.  Life is short, right?

Next trip coming up: Boston and NYC in April, next main photo shoot will be in Iceland in June.

See you there, or see you somewhere else! 


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