Jason Brown

Photographer & Writer

It's Fall and it's time to...

I think we can all admit that this year has flown by. New exhibitions, new books, new countries, new love, there is a lot that has happened.  That is an "excuse" why I have been neglecting you guys.  I'm hoping that things calm down in the new year and I can take on some new projects, including:

  • On December 5th in Freiburg, I will be celebrating the end of the Asian Spring exhibition by have a little soiree where you can win a photo.  Come by and have a great time! https://www.facebook.com/events/1478880302386814 
  • Finishing editing The Newropean to get it ready for publication
  • Prepare a new photo exhibition for January/February

And who knows what else can be accomplished if I don't get so damn demotivated by this weather!  I will be in Southern California for 2 weeks in December where I can be available for events.  Next year's trips that are planned so far are 4 days in Naples in February, Italy, a long weekend in Prague in May, and then all of August in California again. 

Life is good, ain't it?

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