Jason Brown

Photographer & Writer


Well, the time has finally come! I've been doing photo exhibitions for nearly a decade and I have sold a couple of dozen photographs over the years but the photos have always been bought in person at one of my many exhibitions.  I'm a bit of an old-fashioned (in this case: lazy because I travel too much) guy who never really put a lot of effort into getting a website together but it's been a goal of mine for over a year and I'm so happy that it's finally reaching fruition.

I would like to thank Graciela Lopez for putting the website together.  Her patient diligence while dealing with my nagging from 6,000 miles away is the reason the website exists today.  Feel free to contact me (jasonconga@yahoo.com) and I can pass on her contact details if you too are finally ready to get off your ass and get your little corner of the world marketplace up and running.

So, give the website a run through and please send some feedback if you find a link not working or you have some suggestions on how to make the browsing and shopping experience easier for future customers. Happy Hunting!

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