Jason Brown

Photographer & Writer

So as it appears most of America except for California is freezing over, here in central Europe we are in an extremely mild winter. Without having had a chance to freeze myself, the thaw I feel seems rather premature so I will keep try and keep the friction levels up just in case.

Small adjustments to the website are continually being made and remember we have not officially launched the site yet. I'm happy with how it's turning out  and hope you can enjoy what currently could be called a soft launch. 

Today I printed some tickets for my upcoming event at the end of the month here in Freiburg. I don't really follow the rules, I just have an idea and go with it, without thinking about if I need to go through proper channels or stages before "becoming" what I am.  Case in point: I wanted to have a book reading for my latest novel but for me, book readings seem like they can be boring very quickly and as I am someone against boring other people, especially paying customers, I wanted to have some music with it to make it a party, a celebration of not of life, per se, but of living because there is indeed a difference. I want to encourage people to read my books but I also want to them to have a damn good time while contemplating the idea. 

I got lots of trips coming up and the next one, to Berlin, is in 16 days.  It's my favorite European capital having been there nearly a dozen times. I don't know where I'm staying, I'm not sure what I'm going to do there but being in Berlin is at times like being in a place like New York or Paris or London.  You just KNOW you're somewhere important.

So, when the website finishes, you and your friends and family will finally have a chance to purchase my art from the comfort of your sofa, bed, hammock or smartphone. Let's make it an experience for all of us!

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