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That was almost a year

It's amazing how fast time flies by. Since we've last spoken, the progress on art has been minimal. There was a photo exhibition in local bar here in Freiburg, and I am approximately 2/3 done with my first play called "Stranded". I hadn't done anything with it the past 8 months and was happy to find about 20 pages worth of writing that needed to be typed up and that has gotten me back into the idea. I'm also going to start (finally) editing my fourth novel again, "The Newropean". I think with the refugee crisis hitting Europe now it might be a good idea to revisit some of the things contained therein. 

There's going to be a photographic trip to Spain next month, hoping to capture some good architecture shots in either NW Spain or Mallorca.

Please remember to check out my novels and the photos on this website. They can all be purchased directly from me or with an email to jasonconga@yahoo.com and we can work out the size and material you'd like the image printed on.

Spring is coming, let's rejoice!


First event of 2015 planned!


This is the FB event page for my newest event, a photo exhibition.  This will be a retrospective of the past 10 years of photo exhibitions from around the world (Germany, USA, Romania, Montenegro, Holland, Peru, Argentina), I've chosen photos that I would hang in my own living room, and that's the exhibition is called Wohnzimmer aka living room in German. It's April 18 at 8:30pm for the opening at Jos Fritz Cafe in Freiburg, Germany. On that evening there will be some free champagne and an international group, you don't want to miss it!


howdy y'all,

I'm just back from a short trip to Cologne, Germany to see a concert, a Belgian singer named Selah Sue, it was a great time and now Spring has started, the eclipse is over and we can start to focus on the business of the flowers blooming and other assorted positive associations, can't wait!

I've had this webpage for a little more than a year as a means for people to purchase my art and familiarize themselves with various projects I'm undertaking. The last year has not been a particularly productive one for me but sometimes life gets in the way, and that's ok.

I'm planning on changing this website in the future to one where the photos can just be viewed so don't be surprised by that. You can simply write me an email with the image you had in mind and I can get it printed and shipped to you within a week. These photos are fairly priced and great art for people's homes, vivid images with a touch of rustic. 

My parents are coming to visit in about 6 weeks and that is a good time for me to prepare some things in my life, work and personal related before suddenly it's May and my parents are here and it's gone, and then suddenly it's June and two months later I'm off to California for all of August. Before you know it, it's October and you are pulling winter clothes out of boxes. How can we beat the onslaught of time? Probably not on the sofa like me now... cést la vie, right?

The Spring cometh...

It's a beautiful day here in Central Europe.  Spring cleaning and organizing are on the agenda, as is the year's first run in the next week or so.

Artistically,  my new writing project, a one-act theater play entitled "Stranded" is moving along nicely.  I haven't been in a groove of productivity per se, but it's good to know that I can still get the creative juices flowing.  It's about 20 pages long so far and a dynamic between the characters has been established. I am looking for a reader or two, if someone would like to provide some insight and feedback. I have no experience writing plays and so it's been a bit of an adjustment not being able to use character thoughts and descriptions and relying almost solely on dialogue.

I've started to give some thought about my next photo exhbition. I may end up doing it at a cafe where I've done an exhibition before (Jos Fritz, Art Cafe, ?) but I would prefer to try a new place . It feels good to challenge myself from time to time but simultaneously I love being lazy and enjoying time as a human chillin and not always a human being.

The Naples trip last month provided me a chance to take about 200 shots. I have chosen about 5-10 that may be used in a new exhibition. I will be in Cologne in two weeks although that is to see a concert and not for photography but who knows, maybe I will bring the Nikon along.

Just wanted to give y'all an update, check out the photos and let me know which ones you like!

Happy New Year!

Believe it or not, I am fully aware that I am wishing you a happy new year 3.5 weeks into the new year but that's the way life is sometimes! 

2015 is a year of traction.  What I mean by that is I'm going to try and get traction on my projects of which there are many.  To give you a sample:

  • For the first time ever, I've started working on a play. It's currently entitled "Stranded". Long story short, it's a (hopefully) a comment on the difficulty of leaving home, and what home even means anymore when you've been gone so long, how things have changed, how you have changed, and trying to make sense of it all when looked at through the lens of death and travel. 
  • Finally editing The Newropean (a project for the last year) and getting it published onto iTunes.  Having all 4 novels published and available for sale will help push my credentials as a writer, regardless of how many novels I've actually sold at this time (less than 50). It will make me want to create more, something that has been lacking the past year or more.
  • I've signed up for a sewing class.  I've never been particularly good at sewing things beyond buttons or small rips in clothing but I would like to expand this knowledge. I often need my pants and shirts shortened because I am somewhat gravity-challenged.  So, in addition to being able to do some minor tailoring job to my own clothes, I have enough creativity in me that perhaps I will be able to make something that the world wants.  I'm not planning on creating something that has never existed before (or am I?) but more like small bags or pillows or belts or I'm not sure what.  I want to learn how to use the sewing machine and see what happens.
  • Get new photos onto this website. I have a few from Iceland (from June!!) that I've neglected and I already have a new photography trip planned next month to Naples, Italy so there should be some new photos on the website by spring.
  • A new photo exhibition, and there are a few possibilities: "Doors and Windows", "Living Room" (a collection of photos hanging in my own flat for my own personal enjoyment), "Hearts", and we will see what Naples brings.
  • Get a collection of my short stories edited and published onto iTunes.  They are primarily from my time living in Los Angeles in the summer of 1999, maybe a bit of a time capsule of the city that summer. 

You can see that that's enough to keep me busy. Now for typing up the first few pages of "Stranded" that I've already written. Happy New Year!

It's Fall and it's time to...

I think we can all admit that this year has flown by. New exhibitions, new books, new countries, new love, there is a lot that has happened.  That is an "excuse" why I have been neglecting you guys.  I'm hoping that things calm down in the new year and I can take on some new projects, including:

  • On December 5th in Freiburg, I will be celebrating the end of the Asian Spring exhibition by have a little soiree where you can win a photo.  Come by and have a great time! https://www.facebook.com/events/1478880302386814 
  • Finishing editing The Newropean to get it ready for publication
  • Prepare a new photo exhibition for January/February

And who knows what else can be accomplished if I don't get so damn demotivated by this weather!  I will be in Southern California for 2 weeks in December where I can be available for events.  Next year's trips that are planned so far are 4 days in Naples in February, Italy, a long weekend in Prague in May, and then all of August in California again. 

Life is good, ain't it?

Where have you been for 5 months?

hey everyone, sorry for my absence, I've been living my life the past 5 months (more like past 15 years) and have neglected the website. I was in Iceland, Weimar (Germany), California and Amsterdam since we last spoke and I have missed you. I also turned 40  in May, visited my 61st country (Iceland) in June, had a new motivational workshop in July, spent all of August in California and just two weeks ago was in Amsterdam. Now I am here in Freiburg the next 2.5 months before Xmas and wanted to get this website up and running again.

So, first and foremost, there is a new motivational workshop coming next month here in Freiburg, on October 18th.


If you're around and want to make more out of your life, come on out and make a difference in your life!

I will also be putting some new photos up soon and also this Fall getting my fourth novel, "The Newropean" up on iTunes so be on the lookout for that.

Ok, I just wanted to give this website some CPR to get it back on life support.  Hope you enjoy the heartbeat!

Big Apple'd

Well, I survived the week in Beantown and the Big Apple.  I didn't take any photographs but did get some ideas while there.  The current photo exhibition at Cafe Lalemey in Freiburg, Germany is still ongoing and I would encourage you to go and check them out before they get sold and are lost to the world.  Well, I may be dramatizing the situation but it's good to create some drama from time to time, right?

I've got 6 weeks until my next trip (a week in Iceland) and in that time I've got lots to do, including preparing to turn 40.  I'm throwing myself a party, and I want to get my fourth book edited, this one a novel based on the life of a certain English teacher I know well ( ahem) .  It's called The Newropean. My third novel, Schwarzfahren, is now available on iTunes so go check it out.  Here's the link if you're lazy.


Happy reading and see ya this Spring!

1/4 is over, now what?

Ladies and gentlemen, 2014 is now 1/4 over and now what? What are you doing with your lives?

2014 has started off fairly typically for me, with trips to Berlin and Marrakesh so, a photo exhibition from Asia and the publishing of another novel of mine, Schwarzfahren, soon to be available on iTunes but it can be purchased as an e-book at the following link:


In 10 days I'm off to Boston and NYC for a week for some family time and to see some old friends, maybe I will see you there.

But what about the rest of the year? It's 25% over and the next 3/4 is going to fly by as well.

For me, I've got another novel, The Newropean, that I can edit this spring and publish this summer. I also intend to do a small exhibition of photo from Marrakesh.  With a month in California in August, I may plan to do an exhibition there as well in order to raise some money for breast cancer awareness. I have a new workshop planned for October and then before we know it, it will 2015!

Oh yeah, I'm turning 40 next month, although that hasn't really been affecting me lately like I thought it would.  Maybe my nice little life is enough to keep me from having tooooo much of a mid-life crisis.  We'll see, right?


Schwarzfahren (german) - to travel without paying, to dodge paying the fare


Well, it's taken a couple of months but the next novel is just about ready! It's at the printers right now and the e-book should be available in the next couple of weeks.

It's a story about a guy who feels he has lost everything and is on a soul-searching mission that leads him to Greece.  He meets a young woman on a island just off the Turkish coast and falls in love.  Or does he? His inability to come to grips with what has happened to him back in the States leaves him unable to commit to a relationship and so his roadtrip continues. Through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and the Czech Republic, the protagonist Ethan is on the run from the something, all the while hoping he's running toward the solution.  Does he "win" in the end? I guess you'll just have to read it.

Next week this new novel can be picked up the at the newest photo exhibition based on my trip to Asia last summer.  March 21 at Cafe Lalemey (Rheinstrasse 15, Freiburg, Germany) at 7pm.  Hope to see you there and I will be providing updates on the Morocco photos and the Israeli guitarist soon!

Asian Spring photo exhibition link:       https://www.facebook.com/events/777485188947846/

Marrakesh Express Outta There!

Well, Marrakesh, if that was our first date, chances of us going out again ain't that good! 96 hours in the city, dealing with aggressive and easily angered shop keepers, pushy people on the streets, crazy traffic and chaos, poverty and beggars everywhere the eye could see. I was able to shoot 200 photos on the trip so all was not lost.  I went there so you don't need to.  A new exhibition will most likely be planned for early summer but first we gotta get ready for the exhibition coming up, "Asian Spring" on March 21:


Free drinks, interesting people, beautiful images printed on canvas, showing you some nooks and crannies of faraway exotic places.  Why wouldn't you be there?  Ok, maybe you don't live in Europe, but even still, that's not a great excuse.  Life is short, right?

Next trip coming up: Boston and NYC in April, next main photo shoot will be in Iceland in June.

See you there, or see you somewhere else! 


Greetings from Central Europe!

I've organized a new event for early April, an Israeli classical guitarist is coming to Freiburg for a night, April 3rd to Cafe Lalemey where my current photo exhibition is.  More info coming soon but the FB link page is:


Now while the photos have already been hung at Cafe Lalemey, the main exhibition opening (read: free drinks and snacks) will be next month, March 21st.  So feel free to go back and check them out now, figure out which one you want to buy and then come to the official opening next month to make sure that photo will be yours!

"Schwarzfahren", my third novel, is about 2/3 completed with the editing.  I will have it done this Spring sometime and so a new book reading will most likely occur sometime before my 40th birthday, which is in late May.

I'm really excited that in less than two weeks I will be visiting a new country and a new continent. I've travelled a lot the past 15 years but I will be visiting Morocco for the first time for a long weekend at the end of the month. 2 nights in Essaouria by the beach and 2 nights in Marrakech.  I'm hoping to capture some quintessential North African moments in my camera and also with my eyes, ears, nose which can be used in future writings.

Please check out our Facebook page for more frequent updates:


And if you have any of my photos in your home, please email them to me at Jasonconga@yahoo.com 

I will slowly be taking over some website activities from my webmaster over the next months so if the website looks like it suddenly got hit by a truck, that'd be me, but hopefully it will be a smooth transition.

Have a great start to the week, people! Yes You Can!


Well, the time has finally come! I've been doing photo exhibitions for nearly a decade and I have sold a couple of dozen photographs over the years but the photos have always been bought in person at one of my many exhibitions.  I'm a bit of an old-fashioned (in this case: lazy because I travel too much) guy who never really put a lot of effort into getting a website together but it's been a goal of mine for over a year and I'm so happy that it's finally reaching fruition.

I would like to thank Graciela Lopez for putting the website together.  Her patient diligence while dealing with my nagging from 6,000 miles away is the reason the website exists today.  Feel free to contact me (jasonconga@yahoo.com) and I can pass on her contact details if you too are finally ready to get off your ass and get your little corner of the world marketplace up and running.

So, give the website a run through and please send some feedback if you find a link not working or you have some suggestions on how to make the browsing and shopping experience easier for future customers. Happy Hunting!

So as it appears most of America except for California is freezing over, here in central Europe we are in an extremely mild winter. Without having had a chance to freeze myself, the thaw I feel seems rather premature so I will keep try and keep the friction levels up just in case.

Small adjustments to the website are continually being made and remember we have not officially launched the site yet. I'm happy with how it's turning out  and hope you can enjoy what currently could be called a soft launch. 

Today I printed some tickets for my upcoming event at the end of the month here in Freiburg. I don't really follow the rules, I just have an idea and go with it, without thinking about if I need to go through proper channels or stages before "becoming" what I am.  Case in point: I wanted to have a book reading for my latest novel but for me, book readings seem like they can be boring very quickly and as I am someone against boring other people, especially paying customers, I wanted to have some music with it to make it a party, a celebration of not of life, per se, but of living because there is indeed a difference. I want to encourage people to read my books but I also want to them to have a damn good time while contemplating the idea. 

I got lots of trips coming up and the next one, to Berlin, is in 16 days.  It's my favorite European capital having been there nearly a dozen times. I don't know where I'm staying, I'm not sure what I'm going to do there but being in Berlin is at times like being in a place like New York or Paris or London.  You just KNOW you're somewhere important.

So, when the website finishes, you and your friends and family will finally have a chance to purchase my art from the comfort of your sofa, bed, hammock or smartphone. Let's make it an experience for all of us!

Coming Soon...

Welcome to 2014 and the initial launch of Jasonconga.com! I'll be your host, Jason Brown, welcome to my little corner of the world wide web where I hope you will have a reason to make frequent stops here to see what's going on.

And so without further ado, let me tell you what's going on:

This is my first real website after more than 20 years as an artist.  I've sold numerous photos in the 25+ photo exhibitions I have had in 8 countries in the past decade but the art has only ever been available in those specific exhibitions.  Now we have a portal where you can purchase fine art forged in the (little) blood, (lots of) sweat and (enough) tears of dozens of trips around the US, Central and South America, Europe and most recently, in Asia. A new photo exhibition based on my Asia trip from September is in the works.

Around the time I was becoming a photographer, I wrote my first book.  It wasn't a great book and that's probably why it's not available for purchase anywhere in the world.  However, the other 4 novels I have written are going to be released to the outside world.  In fact, two of them, 'Using Toonies" and "Postponing the Myth" have already been released as e-books with more information on those coming later.

My first event of the year will take place on January 31 in Freiburg, Germany.  It's going to be a book reading for "Postponing the Myth"  followed by a local reggae band called The Uplifters & Block Ice Horn Section.

I've been doing motivational workshops for nearly 3 years.  The first few were based on an old business book called "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie.  The second group of workshops was entitled "Yes You Can" taken from an array of sources intended to empower us as individuals.  My first motivational workshop of 2014 will take place at the end of the March and it is entitled "Be the Boss", and it's main focus is giving us the wherewithal and ability to make more of our lives, regardless whether it's in your professional or personal or even spiritual life.

There are some trips planned as well which often provide the fodder necessary to create the art this website serves.  Berlin, Marrakesh, Boston, NYC, Iceland and California are on tap for the first 8 months of 2014.

As you can see, there's a lot going on.  And I want you to be a part of it so welcome!

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